Next-gen Toyota Corolla hatchback set to debut at Geneva show with new 2.0L Toyota Hybrid System


The next-generation (known as the Auris in Europe) will make its at the upcoming Motor , and the company has released its first teaser of the model.

Toyota says the new car will feature a “more dynamic exterior design,” and the image shown here certainly suggests that. Lighting units at the front and rear also appear to be more slender in appearance, reminiscent of what we saw on previous test mules.

In profile, the car appears to be lower than before, and the sloping roofline isn’t as steeply raked near the tailgate. Again, this is similar to what we saw in previous spyshots, along with a two-tier front fascia and wider stance.

As for the interior, a view of a covered mule reveals an overhauled dash, new interface for the climate control , a smaller gear lever, new steering wheel design and what looks like a free-standing infotainment screen. The use of an electronic parking brake in the new Corolla/Auris also sees a redesign of the centre console and attached arm rest.

The Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA) – used for the C-HR, Prius and Camry – will underpin the new model as well.

Toyota says the new Corolla/Auris will feature a new 2.0 litre Toyota System, which is one of several new technologies developed for the TNGA. It boasts a smaller power control unit (PCU) compared to the previous 1.8 litre hybrid powertrain, and works with a smaller, 6.5 Ah nickel-metal hydride battery that has a higher cell count (180 vs 168).

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