New Turo Extras offers customers add-ons like bikes and car seats


Schlepping a child’s seat, stroller and the multitude of other essential parenting equipment on trips is never fun. It’s doubly true if your trip involves air travel, requiring you to deal with TSA in all its shoes-off, laptop-out glory. Starting today, peer-to-peer car sharing service Turo is offering a new solution its calling Extras. Rather than bringing this stuff along with you, simply rent it alongside whatever vehicle you’ve already booked.

The service goes far beyond child . Want to go camping? Rent a tent and camping equipment with your truck. The same goes for a bike and bike rack, or a ski rack in the winter. Hosts can offer pre-paid fuel rates where guests pay a flat fee and return a vehicle with an empty tank or a rate for a post-rental cleaning. All prices for the are set by the host, with taking a 10 percent cut.

Turo’s protection plan doesn’t cover Extras, so hosts need to set very clear guidelines on how the Extras will be used. Turo won’t cover damage or cleaning after an Extra is used. Prohibited items include weapons, food or alcohol or rental properties. Hosts who violate this policy risk a permanent ban.

This is the second big announcement from Turo in just a few weeks. The company has recently made it easier to direct people to high-end vehicles like a Porsche 911, Mercedes-Benz G-Class or Ferrari California with its new Deluxe and Super Deluxe pages.

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