New BMW iNext design concept teased, full debut later in 2018


We have very few details on the BMW project. The new EV is set to go on sale in 2021, will have 435 miles of range and self-driving technology. has described the vehicle as its “technology flagship,” so expect every last bit of tech the German automaker has to be packed inside. Still, we don’t even know what the new model will look like. It could be a sedan, hatchback or crossover. Each seems as equally likely as the other. Well, we will soon see the iNext — at least an early .

At Annual General Meeting of shareholders, Chairman of the Board of Management of BMW AG Harald Krüger unveiled an early design concept. Unfortunately, all we get to see in an illustration of the vehicles profile. It’s definitely going to be either a crossover or hatchback. Based on the wheelbase, it should be fairly large, too. At least larger than the current BMW i3.

The most interesting feature is the window frame. It’s shaped like the grille on the new BMW Concept iX3, itself a take on the automaker’s iconic kidney grille. We’ll have to wait until later this year for the public reveal.

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