Naked man rides ATV the wrong way on Kansas City interstate


It was a nice day yesterday in , with a high of 54 degrees — pretty darned pleasant for K.C. in February. So one celebrated the early signs of spring with a ride on an . . And what’s so with that, you ask.

Well, where it went wrong is when police responded to a report of a “suspicious party … a naked male,” on an all-terrain vehicle. They encountered him in North Kansas City, then he cut across a field, took a few other turns, went this way and that, then found himself headed south on I-435 — in the shoulder of the northbound lanes.

The pale rider continued on, driving by the police academy for good measure, but was eventually caught near Cerner Corp. at the Missouri riverfront.

Today, the Kansas City Star reports that the man, Johnathon A. Menth, 27, of Excelsior Springs, gave a rather complex explanation to police for his actions — involving drugs, a man named Jeffrey who was “holding him captive,” an escape from Jeffrey via a PT Cruiser that then lost a wheel, and ultimately the discovery of the yellow Polaris ATV with keys in the ignition. He planned to ride it back home to Excelsior Springs when he encountered the police (Excelsior Springs, by the way, would have been a 16-mile ride while naked on an ATV, probably similar to the journey he wound up taking but it would have been on a much more nudity-friendly country two-lane). He said he was “freaked out and drove away,” was “in flight mode” and when he found himself against traffic on the felt it “was like playing a little game, going around and flying.”

Menth said when he saw police everywhere, “he was flipping and could not stop.”

Nowhere in the newspaper’s detailed account is there an explanation for why he was naked. But he faces charges for the nudity, and for burglary, property tampering and property damage. He was being held on $50,000 bond.

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