Musk Optimistic Tesla Can Stay On Price & Beat Semi Specs


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Eric Loveday

Tesla CEO Elon is confident that the automaker will meet or the announced for the upcoming Semi, while at the same time coming in on .

There’s been significant discussion regarding the price of the upcoming Semi. Is this price point even possible, some have wondered? We have our doubts (see our detailed four-part Semi series here), but it seems CEO Musk does not.

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Musk took to Twitter last night to state that he’s confident the Semi will come in on price and hit these specs on the nose (or possibly even beat them):

Tesla semi spec sheet

Tesla Semi Specs

The biggest price concern is related to the battery. At an undisclosed capacity, it’s hard to determine what it’s cost may be. We assume the cost is somewhere between $75 and $100 per kWh and that the battery in the 500-mile range version of the Semi is likely in the ballpark of 1,000 kWh, but again this is all an unknown right now.

Here’s the Tweet posted by Musk last night:

Musk Tweet

So, he says “beating,” not just matching, which means the spec sheet above will need to be upgraded a bit if Tesla delivers on the words of Musk.

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