More Early Rider Videos on Waymo YouTube Channel : SelfDrivingCars


the terminology is still evolving. We hear about autonomous car, self-driving car, driverless car; similar to the automobile, which back then was called horseless carriage, self-driving coach etc. Automobile literally means self-driving.

And yes, they will bring out a robotaxi service, but it’s not an Uber-model. Uber owns no cars, just the network platform. But owns the cars and the self-driving technology. And because there are no drivers to pay, the service ultimately can be much cheaper. Today the driver accounts for 50% of the fare.

Today, everyone tests with safety drivers sitting in the driver seat to take over control in case of a malfunction. Arizona allows cars without a driver. California also introduced a regulation that allows cars driving without a safety driver (since April 1st), but has not yet issued a license (though at least 3 companies have applied). There are still some things to clarify, like how emergency responders can interact with a driverless vehicle…

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