Monkeycycle is a balance bike that transforms with your child


Transcript: A that grows with your kids. The 926 is a system with 8 different configurations. The 8-in-1 kit from stroller to trike to two-wheel pedal . Designed for children 9 months to 6 years old. Update the kit as the grows and their balance improves. Configurations for the Monkeycycle 926 include: stroller, low and high balance bikes, a pedal , tricycle, tadpole trike, and quad. It has a maximum seat height of 25-inches and a weight limit of 150 lbs. Chains have been replaced with a belt drive. It has an easy reach brake lever and includes a steer limiter for safety. The full kit that goes from trike to retails for $598, add the stroller kit with mini child seat for $150.

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