Michigan man creates Amish Uber horse and buggy ridesharing service


As soon as we saw the headline on CBS affiliate WWMT’s video (posted above), we knew a horsepower joke was inevitable. And sure enough, it comes right at the :30 mark. And then again at the :55 mark. But we’re not throwing stones; we’d have made the same terrible pun if we’d have been the first to cover the story of Uber.

Timothy Hochstedler of St. Joseph County in started a ride sharing in which you wave down his horse and buggy, hand over $5, and get a ride to wherever it is in or around the city of Colon that you’re headed. And though he amusingly calls his business Amish , he isn’t actually an employee of that company. So, you can’t call for him using the app, either. Obviously.

We considered contacting Uber to see if the company is aware of Hochstedler’s so-called Amish Uber venture, but then we realized none of that really matters. He’ll probably be forced to rename his service something different, but for now there’s a ride-sharing and in Michigan, and that’s awesome. Because horsepower, right?

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