Mercedes EQC begins production at German assembly plant


The 2021 Mercedes-Benz EQC won’t be arriving at U.S. dealers until sometime next year, but the first version just rolled off the line in Germany. That car will stay in Germany for the time being. Even though it won’t exactly reflect the situation in America, Mercedes has slapped a price on the for the market. says its “net basic price” is less than €60,000, so it qualifies for the €4,000 tax incentive. However, Mercedes also says the “generously equipped base version” starts at €71,281 after VAT. Apparently, the more expensive ones are still eligible for the tax credit because of the fact the barebones car is going to be a hair under the €60,000 limit.

We’ll convert the “base version” to American dollars, where it would stand at $79,793. Of course, we’re sure Mercedes will set a unique price for the U.S. that differs from this Euro conversion. If we compare the EQC to the Audi E-Tron price in Germany, the EQC comes in a fair bit cheaper. Audi has the base price on the E-Tron set at €79,900, leaving the EQC over €8,000 cheaper. It’s important to realize that the E-Tron is a larger car than the EQC, though.

Range is still only being reported from NEDC testing. We were told it would be approximately 450 km (280 miles) on that test before, and Mercedes is approximating 445-471 km (276-292 miles) now. Unfortunately, the NEDC testing doesn’t reflect real-world range, and is always higher than official EPA testing. We’ll know official stats closer to the U.S. on-sale date.

Mercedes made a video showing the EQC rolling off the line, which you can watch below. The first cars are being built at the Bremen, Germany, , but Mercedes also plans to build the EQC in its Beijing this year.

Expect to see the 2021 EQC reach dealers in the U.S. next year with a starting price of around $70,000-$80,000. Mercedes’ $7,500 federal tax credit is still in place for electrified vehicles, so that will also be up for grabs.

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