Mercedes-AMG GT R Pro teased ahead of L.A. Auto Show


Based on recent spy shots, we suspected that Mercedes was working on a special GT R, and now it’s official. The company officially announced it would be showing something called the Mercedes-AMG GT R at the L.A. Auto Show. It will also be accompanied by updated versions of the other AMG GT two-door coupes. According to Mercedes, the updates to the two-door are supposed to make it look more related to the four-door GT.

Along with the announcement comes a photo of the car in a vinyl camouflage wrap. It may hide some more subtle details, but it can’t hide the deeper front splitter or the big canards on either side of the front bumper. It looks like the big splitter adjustment struts from the test car we saw a few weeks ago are gone, but there do appear to be some sort of smaller support struts added to the front bumper.

As for what we should expect from the R Pro, it should be a pretty serious track machine, even more so than the regular R. Mercedes says it has been tweaked based on what the company has learned from its 3 and GT4 racing program. Most of the improvements will probably be in aerodynamics and suspension. We wouldn’t mind seeing a bit more power, too, since the top-spec AMG GT four-door is more potent than the GT R. Mercedes also made it clear this will be a very limited edition model. Stay tuned for more details when the car is fully unveiled at the L.A. on November 29.

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