Mazda adds another 270,000 vehicles to Takata airbag recall, still largest in history


Mazda and the NHTSA said last week that they will add another 269,618 vehicles to the Takata airbag recall total, already the in at over 50 million affected in the U.S. alone. The aims to replace faulty detonators that can deteriorate over time and cause unexpected or excessive explosions, responsible for at least 23 deaths and 300 injuries worldwide to date.

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The vehicles affected this time around include the 2003-2008 6 sedans, hatchbacks, and wagons, 2006 to 2007 Mazdaspeed 6 sedans, and the 2004 MPV minivan, as well as 2005-2006 MPV models in states with warmer and more humid climates that could affect the airbags. had previously recalled these vehicles, but at first could only replace faulty airbags with an updated version of the same design. Now, the company says it will swap in completely redesigned versions.

Repercussions from the recall forced the Japanese auto parts manufacturer to file for bankruptcy last year, but was saved by a Chinese-owned American company called Key Safety System. The recall has affected Honda most prominently, but almost every manufacturer, from General Motors to Mercedes-Benz, has been affected to some capacity. Of the vehicles recalled, more than half have yet to be repaired.

If you own a vehicle mentioned above or believe your vehicle may be involved in the Takata recall, find your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), usually located on the driver’s side lower windshield, and visit the NHTSA’s website to make sure it hasn’t been recalled.

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