Maserati Levante Edizione Nobile introduced with Ghibli and Quattroporte versions


Maserati has a new special-edition package for its 2019 vehicles it calls the , or Noble Edition. The Levante, Ghibli and Quattroporte (not the GranTurismo) are all going to get in on the Noble fun, with 50 of each being built. Why decided to go with the Noble Edition name isn’t exactly explained beyond the name of the paint being Blu Nobile.

Each Maserati gets that handsome blue paint plus 20-inch alloy wheels and silver brake calipers to set them apart from their non-noble (peasant?) siblings. We’ll note that this package is available on top of the GranLusso trim level for each of the cars. Inside, you’ll get the sport seats from the GranSport covered in a black/brown color combination. The and Ghibli cabins use glossy wood for their cabin trim while the Levante uses a high-gloss metal. An Edizione Nobile badge is displayed on the center console with the car’s series number next to it.

There aren’t any exclusive features beyond the appearance of the Edizione Nobile, but a few options are made standard. Those include the Alcantara headliner, Bowers & Wilkins audio system and Maserati’s Level 2 driver assistance package. Maserati says Edizione Nobile models will be delivered to dealerships sometime this month. Just add $7,500 on top of the GranLusso trim for each model, and you’ve got your price. This means a S GranLusso would go from its $91,980 starting price, to $99,480 with the Edizione Nobile package. These models don’t really differ much from your run-of-the-mill Maseratis. However, if noble vehicles are your thing, Maserati has 150 of them waiting.

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