Lamborghini Gallardo gets barbecued at St. Louis gas station


Life is good when you’re behind the wheel of a bright blue Lamborghini Gallardo. Or at least it is up until the moment a forgetful minivan driver drives off with the fuel filler nozzle still attached. The result, at a gas station in . , was a spray of fuel, spilled directly onto the Lamborghini’s engine bay, which instantly ignited and turned the supercar into a fireball.

As reported by the Riverfront Times, the blue Gallardo was actually one of two Lamborghinis that had stopped to refuel. This video shows the exact moment when the minivan driver pulls away and the fuel hose separates from the pump. Careful if you’re watching this at work, or have kiddies present, because some of the language is, well, also incendiary.

Then again, if you’re in the middle of seeing gallons of fuel being sprayed directly onto a supercar’s hot-running V10 engine, we doubt you’d wax poetic about the experience. And due credit to the Riverfront Times for its headline proclaiming “Incredible Dumbass Turns into Fireball at St. Louis .” It might not earn a Pulitzer, but kudos for nailing the story in one line, folks.

Apparently and, somewhat amazingly, no one was reported hurt in the ensuing fire. The Lamborghini is definitely a total writeoff, but amazingly, the accompanying red Performante was just covered in ash. And according to this same Facebook post, the minivan driver was quickly found and admitted to being the culprit.

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