KTM X-Bow to be sold in the U.S. but won’t be legal for public roads


A couple years back we wrote about KTM’s intent to sell the mad, mad X-Bow trackday special as a complete vehicle in the United States. The X-Bow has been available in the U.S. since 2011, but buying them has been a two-part affair: first you’d buy the car, and then the engine, and you’d have to combine them yourself instead of KTM handing them over together as a functioning car. That arrangement was there because the X-Bow hasn’t met federal crash standards. Finally that step can be skipped, but there are still limits, of course.

TopSpeed.com reports that the X-Bow will be available in two versions, and neither can be driven on . It still makes sense, as the vehicle was designed for racetracks instead of commuting, but it’s still a limitation. In any case, those trackdays will still be great fun, as the less powerful Comp R version will come with 330 horsepower, and the more powerful Comp R 1st Edition has 20 horsepower more. As well as the power difference, the 1st Edition has a different aero package on it. The regular-issue Comp R hits 62 miles per hour in 3.9 seconds, and the 1st Edition only needs 3.2 seconds; both weigh less than 1,800 pounds.

Pricing for the turnkey X-Bows hasn’t yet been announced, but they’re not going to be cheap: TopSpeed.com estimates the asking prices at $100,000. At first there will be two dealers offering them, the other one being Wisconsin-based HMC Racing and the other ANSA Motorsports in Florida.

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