Italdesign’s Geneva concept previewed in rendering


Usually teasers for a new car hide as much of the vehicle as possible. Italdesign was following that pattern in the lead-up to its concept reveal, but its latest mostly reveals the car. From the looks of it, it’s a front-engined, rear-drive GT coupe. In fact, it’s very reminiscent of the Ford Mustang with the long, tall nose, graceful fastback roofline and seriously wide hips.

Unlike the Mustang and other grand tourers, this Italdesign appears to have a lengthy mid-section. It looks as though there’s space for two doors on each side, but there are only cut lines for one. Looking at the top section of the drawing reveals the car will have gullwing or butterfly doors. Not only are they dramatic, but they may be necessary to allow convenient access to both the front and rear seats without requiring a huge amount of clearance.

Besides this rendering, Italdesign hasn’t revealed anything else about the concept. But it will be fully revealed on March 5, so stay tuned.

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