Italdesign takes wraps off DaVinci Concept 2+2 EV


We’ve already basically seen Italdesign‘s new concept coupe, courtesy of a “teaser” sketch that revealed the whole thing, but now we have the real deal, along with a name. It’s called the , and like the Renaissance-era painter and inventor it’s named after — and near the 500th anniversary of Leo’s passing, no less — the car sports some novel features.

presented the DaVinci in Geneva as a a 2+2 electric-drive GT coupe with a floor-mounted battery and twin electric motors, but the design house says it can also accommodate a 4.0-liter V8, both in all-wheel drive. As we suspected, there are also gullwing doors.

The DaVinci bears a strong resemblance to the current-generation Ford Mustang, with its long hood, low profile, wide hips and swept-back roofline, though it appears quite a bit longer from the side view. There are lots of aerodynamic creases on the hood, front fenders and doors, and the rear features OLED taillights set underneath a crisp spoiler that around the sides.

Inside the cockpit are a whopping three screens — one on the dash, another on the center console for infotainment and a third for the passenger. There’s also Alcantara throughout, including on the dashboard and climate controls, which are backlit.

The company designed and developed the DaVinci entirely at its factory in Moncarlieri, Italiy, according to The Drive. But Italdesign says it doesn’t have the capability to bring the car into series production and is instead offering up the design to any automaker that wants to build it. According to Motor Authority, good candidates would have a skateboard-style platform lying around that’s roughly the size of a BMW 5 Series.

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