Is anyone else worried about how reports of Waymo cars are still mostly negative? : SelfDrivingCars


Well, is running into hangups of some sort. Last November they said they’d be doing a commercial deployment “in a few months”, and a few months later, in March of this year they said “sometime this year”. It’s August and no firm date as of yet. Furthermore, their commercial deployment may be limited to EZ riders, and may not include the total removal of safety drivers. And all we’re talking about is ~100 square miles in Chandler.

Is Waymo just being excessively risk averse? Have they hit some sort of fundamental technological barrier? Are they waiting for some sort of behind the scenes regulatory approval, or for an insurance deal to come through? Who knows.

In 2015 the Google self driving car project was all gung-ho about unleashing their Koala (at slow speeds) on Mountain View. Needed regulation didn’t pass, which was a huge blow to their morale, and since then Waymo’s visible progress hasn’t matched the hype.

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