How to Compress a Macpherson Strut and Coil Spring


Working on the suspension of your vehicle can be a daunting task and is quite dangerous if you don’t have the right tools. We decided to show the process for compressing the springs on a assembly. This process is common if you need to replace a worn out , broken , or you’re upgrading to stiffer lowering springs for better looks and handling. Follow the simple steps below once you’ve removed the and spring assembly from your vehicle.

The full Fairmount Tools Macpherson Strut and Coil Spring Compressor Kit gives you most everything you’ll need (other than the sockets or wrenches to remove your strut hardware) to disassemble a Macpherson strut and spring assembly. The kit includes three different yoke assemblies that will work with most spring diameters. Each yoke has a composite insert that protects the springs from slipping and damaging the paint.

Start by assembling the compressor with the yokes that best fit your coil spring diameter. Your compressor should look like the picture above when assembled.

You can now insert the spring into the compressor. Make sure the coils you choose seat completely into the yokes before you tightening the actuator screw. As you tighten the screw you will see the spring begin to together. Make sure you check periodically to make sure the coil is still seated correctly. Once the spring is compressed you can remove the center nut from the strut and slide it out of the coil spring. You can then release the pressure on the coil spring and your new spring or install a replacement strut into the spring. This process is very simple with the spring compressor and can be done in minutes after you practice a few times. The compressor comes with multiple attachments for different spring configurations and will work with most modern cars with Macpherson strut and coil spring assemblies.



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