How Much Safer Should Self-Driving Cars Be? Try 0% : SelfDrivingCars


It’s interesting that people always jump to the ‘but sdc’s aren’t 100 percent safe’. Which is terrible reasoning, if sdc’s were 1% that hdc’s they’re by definition a success.

For most people I’ve discussed sdc’s with (who aren’t paying attention to sdc’s except the mainstream media reports), the ole trolley problem surfaces first. Which is a non problem problem at best. Protect the driver, end of story. The amount of times the car would be faced with this issue is infadecimally low, and time and brainpower could be better spent on getting the to be 5% safer than hdc’s.

The reality is just a 5% safety improvement is literally 1000’s of people each year NOT dying on the roads. Once the cars are 0.000001% better than people, they should logically be phased in.

Expecting infailabilty at the beginning is nothing short of rediclulous.

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