Honda teases Urban EV dash and side profile ahead of Geneva


Honda has announced that a prototype of the Urban EV’s production version is coming to . Today, released this teaser photo of the prototype’s dashboard, showing a full-width display with screens for the mirror cameras on both ends.

As well as showing the dashboard and its wood trim, the image contains a car icon that shows how the exterior will look. Just as in the earlier spy shots, it’s obvious the EV is now a five-door, with short rear doors crafted behind the longer front doors. Some of the original, retro-inspired concept’s minimalistic cuteness has been lost in translation to a more production-viable form, and it looks like any “suicide” doors are now gone. The rear door doesn’t show any place for a handle, so unless they have been dropped from the icon for looks’ sake, the handles will have been fitted in the black triangle in the corner of the glass.

The clamshell hood is still present, as can be seen from the shutline, and the charging door port is mounted directly on the hood, above the fascia. An NSX-style contrasting black roof appears to be stock.

Otherwise, for a prototype the interior shot looks remarkably production ready, with all the buttons and surfaces appearing straight from a production assembly line, as does the display menu. While the upcoming Geneva car is referred to as a prototype, the finished is likely not to be far from it, as production is said to begin mid-2019. No range is shown on the , but the has been estimated to reach 150-180 miles on a single charge. When the drapes come off the Geneva proto, we might know more.

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