GM’s self-driving deal with Honda is a wakeup call for Waymo : SelfDrivingCars


You nailed it. Car manufacturing can be easily purchased. Self driving car technology can not. Well SDC technology that works.

People get confused on this because of the problems Tesla had with making cars. That is because they did it organically.

Someone can just buy the car making capability that exist today. Or do what is doing and just buy cars from others.

I would expect down the road after the data is collected to an extent that Waymo will do their own cars and would hope they would be smart enough to buy the capability.

Existing auto makers should be looking at how they can play into a new ecosystem and leverage their existing assets. So become an auto maker that makes cars for others. Or parts of cars like chassis or similar. I am sure there is ways to play this.

Not chase the SDC dream that they are in such a poor position to provide.

SDC is a software engineer exercise. Car makers have struggled to make a decent audio system in cars.

But like every other example the car makers will instead try to go head to head with tech companies. They will try to organize with other car companies thinking they can do it in bigger numbers. This is all a pre set script we have seen before. They literally can’t help themselves.

“BMW Seeking One More Automaker for Its Self-Driving Car Coalition”

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