Gas Saving Tips


Nobody likes having to fill their tank up, but, if you drive a vehicle with an internal combustion engine, it’s an unavoidable occurrence.

While there’s no avoiding having to feed your car with the fuel it needs to operate, there are a few things you can do to get the most out of your gas mileage and save a few dollars at the pump:

Accelerate in Moderation. Higher RPMs during acceleration burns more fuel so try to use cruise control whenever possible and don’t put the ‘pedal to the metal’!

Lighten your Load. Excess weight in your vehicle will force your engine to work harder and increase the amount of fuel it needs to operate. An extra 100 pounds in your backseat or trunk can lower your fuel efficiency by 1-2%.

Maintain your Tires. Simply by keeping your tires at their recommended PSI settings and getting them rotated/aligned regularly, you’ll be extending their lifespan AND cutting down on fuel costs as your ride will be smoother and require less effort – talk about a win/win!

Change your Filters. Both your air and fuel filters contribute to your vehicle’s MPG efficiency – changing them regularly yields a high ROI, you up to $5 per fill-up.

Clean your Fuel Injectors & Spark Plugs. Dirty spark plugs impede the combustion process and ultimately waste fuel while dirty fuel injectors lead to gas leaking from your engine, which is bad for a variety of reasons.

Keep your Shocks & Struts in Good Shape. Worn-out shocks require more energy to operate, which means they’re draining more fuel resources than necessary.

Replace your Gas Cap. This should be done every four years or so – a small amount of fuel can evaporate through the tank while you’re driving and this amount increases the older your gas cap gets!

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your vehicle’s fuel efficiency, be sure to give our ASE-certified technicians a call at (336) 294-2137 or click HERE to request a service appointment!

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