Ford adds voice controls to in-car Waze app


From Bluetooth syncing to systems like CarPlay and Android Auto, the link between your smartphone and car grows closer every day. Today, Ford announced that its Sync 3 infotainment system will now have full integration, meaning you can natively use the community-based traffic and navigation in vehicles. While we knew that has been in the works for months, the app can now be used with hands-free .

Waze integration comes courtesy of Ford Sync AppLink, an open-source system that allows developers to create apps that run in infotainment systems. Although Ford is the main proponent and developer, AppLink is available for any automaker to use. The goal was to make it easy for developers to create one app that works across a range of makes and models. One of the most notable apps is Amazon Alexa. Users can control smart home functions right from their car.

You’ll need SYNC 3 software version 3.0 or greater, iOS 11.3 on your iPhone, and of course you’ll need the Waze app on your phone, too.

Now, there are a number of drawbacks and stipulations. Most notably, this currently only works for Apple. Android users like myself are out of luck for the moment. The system isn’t wireless either, so you’ll need to plug your phone in using the car’s USB port. Still, for those heavy Waze users with iPhones, being able to navigate traffic using just voice commands should be a big boon.

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