Florida man crashes Lamborghini, flees scene in a Mercedes-Benz


Florida man is like a modern folk legend. Sometimes he’s fighting SUVs one-on-one with just his bare hands. Sometimes he enjoys imbibing and driving. Occasionally he tries to reclaim lost property with devastating consequences. Last week in Miami, rear-ended a Ford Super Duty in his Lamborghini Huracan before escaping in an Mercedes-Benz S-Class, leaving the Huracan behind. The whole thing was captured on a surveillance camera across the street.

According to ABC 10, the hit-and-run occurred about 7:30 in the morning. The Ford was slowing down for a red light when the Lamborghini railed it from behind, pushing the truck all the way into the intersection. Moments later, a late-model S-Class rolls up behind the pair. The Huracan’s driver and passenger run out and quickly hop inside the Mercedes before peeling away.

The Super Duty’s driver, a local firefighter, walked away unscathed. His truck was mostly undamaged, too, though you can’t say the same for the . It managed to wedge itself under the Ford’s bumper, crumpling the hood and cracking the carbon fiber. Miami police are investigating.

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