First Ford Mustang Bullitt will be auctioned off at Barrett-Jackson for charity


If you didn’t hear about the 2019 Ford Mustang Bullitt reveal at the Detroit Show, stop reading and open this in a new tab. Back? We can’t believe it either: the original movie car next to a new modern ? Factor in that it’s not just an aesthetic upgrade, either – the new makes 475 horsepower and features some other exclusive upgrades and GT350 parts. It’s objectively awesome. But if you want the very first customer , VIN 001 to be specific, you’d better be OK with paying a premium.

The good news is that the auction, at Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale, will benefit Boys Republic, which is a nonprofit school and treatment community for troubled kids. There’s a McQueen connection here, too: he graduated from the school back in 1946. And all of the proceeds will go to the school. That’s kind of a feel-good way to pay what’s likely to be a real premium for the first dark green coupe off the line.

Remember, while there’s a lot we do know about the ’19 Bullitt, there’s still a lot of open questions: how much it’ll cost for the public, for example. That’s neither here nor there if you’re interested in this one. Head to Barrett-Jackson for more info. The hammer drops at approximately 7:30 PM on January 19th.

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