Faraday Future employee GoFundMe campaign started to help laid off workers


There hasn’t been a whole lot of good news coming out of Faraday Future as of late, and now some of its employees have a GoFundMe in efforts of keeping its recently off and furloughed employees above water.

Last week, ’s co-founder Nick Sampson resigned. He believes the company is effectively insolvent and that it will limp along for the foreseeable (pun intended?), at best. This followed a stand-off with its primary investor after a $2 billion dollar investment went sour. Faraday isn’t officially endorsing this page, but it was made by Faraday employees to help their less fortunate friends.

Things were looking far more peachy over at Faraday in August of this year when the company rolled out its first pre-production FF91. The electric crossover/SUV thing is supposed to make 1,050 horsepower from three electric motors and go 0-60 in 2.39 seconds in production form. Now, chances of it ever making it to that stage seem to be declining with every new development we see from the company.

Faraday employees are trying to raise $50,000 over the next few weeks for those who were unexpectedly dumped. It’s been five days and the fund is already over $17,000 — that’s no small chunk of cash. The money is earmarked for those who have a family or children to support before anyone else sees the gifted funds.

We’ll be following Faraday closely over the coming months, or weeks … it’s unclear how much longer the electric car company that took CES by storm in 2017 will last.

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