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I missed the article about driving the Tesla (Road to zero: Has the electric revolution really arrived? We test-drive the future, 28 August; Letters, 1 August) as I was driving a Nissan Leaf from Northumberland to Dorset and back. I very much enjoyed it and wish to thank Ecotricity for the rapid charging stations. I drove in stages of about 100 miles with 45-minute stops for recharging the car and as the Nissan system, Chademo, is Japanese for “have a cup of tea”, doing that as well. I found working charging stations at each point where I called in and did not have to wait for others. Just thought you might like to know.
Fenwick Kirton-Darling
Hexham, Northumberland

may be a wind-up for some (Letters, 6 August), but here in North Yorkshire they are for real. We spotted a VW Beetle with a huge clockwork winding key sticking out of the boot outside our village shop. And it works!
Susan Gregory
Burton in Lonsdale, North Yorkshire

If beer is £5.20 a pint in London but in Carlisle it is the cheapest at £2.35 (High cost of a pint could call time on pubs, 6 August), the obvious thing for students to do is to move to Carlisle! We also have an excellent university.
Steven Bowditch
Former mayor of Carlisle, 2014-15

We recently came across a border collie named Colin on a hotel stay in Northumberland (There’s no debate: you don’t call dogs ‘Alan’, G2, 8 August).
David Wright

Did no one ever see Denis Healey driving a Morris Minor full of empty 35mm film canisters during the drought of 1976 (, passim)?
Fr Alec Mitchell

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