Does anyone know what Waymo’s actual residential eligibility fence is? : SelfDrivingCars


On the early rider apply page it says Chandler, Tempe, Gilbert, Mesa. Is it anywhere in those places?

The reason I am asking is because I have no family or attachments to any place and I am trying to decide a reasonably priced place to live. And I have no car and work online. So I am really interested in at least trying to take advantage of Waymo. At this point it seems like I may be waiting well into next year if I’m not really lucky. But there is zero chance if I don’t live in the right neighborhood, even if I happened to be lucky enough to get in.

So does anyone have a clue where they actually draw the lines on the map for ? Then I can try to find an affordable apartment in there. If I just go for the middle of Chandler or something then I can’t afford it because we are a small startup.

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