Daniel Ricciardo and F1’s Red Bull Racing are driving across America


After last weekend’s Hungarian Grand Prix, Formula 1 entered its annual summer break. It gives teams some (mandatory) time off before the Belgian Grand Prix at Spa Francorchamps. In the meantime, Red Bull has given us a short video showing racing across in a RB7 (a car he never actually raced). The first video was released yesterday, and it looks like more are on the way.

In the video, Ricciardo drives his Red Bull in three of the most scenic locations in the U.S. He starts in San Francisco, across the Golden Gate bridge and through the city core before performing a pit stop on the unbelievably empty Bay Bridge that connects San Francisco to Oakland. F1 cars are designed for pristine strips of asphalt, and the car bounces and bobs like an overstuffed beachball on the city’s pavement.

After California, Ricciardo runs through the middle of Monument Valley, Utah, the location of so many of those classic John Ford-directed westerns. After that, the car shows up on the Las Vegas Strip, with Ricciardo packing up his steering wheel and heading to the casino. The video ends with “to be continued,” so stay tuned for more, and enjoy the sounds of the old 2.4-liter Renault V8 (even if it is badged with Aston Martin and Tag Heuer logos).

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