Cows help wrangle suspect fleeing from police in a stolen car


This past weekend, in Sanford, Florida, were chasing a stolen vehicle. The suspects eventually crashed, and both the driver and passenger fled on foot. While the passenger was quickly apprehended, the driver, Jennifer Anne Kaufman, managed to make her way into a field. There, a herd of cattle helped police find Kaufman’s location.

The entire event was captured on video by a police helicopter. The video was captured through a night vision camera, hence the black and white footage. After crashing the , Kaufman ran out into a field. The cattle started to follow her, coming dangerously close to knocking her off her feet. You can hear one officer relaying information, telling others to simply follow the . Eventually, Kaufman was forced to climb through a fence where she was arrested by police.

According to WCTV, Kaufman was charged with resisting an officer and drug possession.

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