Chevy Colorado ZR2 gets Chevy Performance off-road parts


We all know and love how capable the Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 is, but Chevy is making it even better now. As of today, owners can outfit their trucks with used for racing in the “Best in the Desert” series. Performance and Hall Racing use a ZR2 equipped with all of these parts to compete in that series and as a pre-runner for scouting the Baja 1000.

In total, consumers will be allowed to buy 15 new components, including even better Multimatic DSSV shocks. Those dampers will be the biggest hit to your wallet with a set of four priced at $7,336. For this exorbitant price tag, these shocks provide greater suspension travel — 15 percent in front and 10 percent in the rear. The front shock rod is now 18 mm in diameter for the fronts and 16 mm in the rear to accommodate higher side loads. Spool valve tuning has been adjusted, and the shock body is threaded to allow for ride height adjustments.

To install these shocks, Chevy requires that you also install its high angle upper control arm ball joint system, which costs $500. This allows for more front suspension travel and increases cross-car articulation by up to 18 percent. Chevy recommends installing a few other bits with the shocks to take full advantage of them too. One of those being some ball spline half shafts, which allows for improved articulation with reduced feedback forces during hard cornering. These half shafts will run you $3,840. The front and rear jounce shock system is also a recommended add-on. This system adds a nitrogen-charged secondary bump shock for better motion control. The front jounce shock system costs $1,231, and the rear is $1,543.

There are plenty of other awesome options like a long-travel leaf spring system. When paired with the long travel rear shocks, suspension travel is increased by 11 inches. This new spring system costs $3,312. A cross-car beam system provides a structural beam across the entire frame to better handle loads. Chevy Performance has a 1.5-inch lift kit for increased fender clearances, which Chevy says increases your options for off-road tires.

There are a few other smaller but still very cool parts you can check out on the Chevy Performance website. Chevy says the kit can be entirely a la carte, or you can buy it all as a package — an expensive package, that is. After installing everything here, all you’d need to do some Baja scouting of your own is the required safety equipment. We certainly weren’t complaining that the ZR2 wasn’t tough enough (especially now that the Bison exists), but this takes it to true Baja runner status, and who doesn’t love that.

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