Why self-driving trucks are still 50 years away. : SelfDrivingCars

The video has nothing to do with selfdriving trucks, you're wasting our time.What self-driving trucks are you reffering to exactly?Trucks that platoon and...

Rand study shows it’s hard to gauge self-driving car safety

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Intel partners with Rolls-Royce to develop autonomous cargo ships

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Scientific essay on Autonomous Vehicles. Need help. : SelfDrivingCars

Hello all, I am applying for a Data Engineering and Analytics Masters course in Germany. I am required to write a scientific essay on...

Self driving bikes are being developed in Germany : SelfDrivingCars

News and discussion on self-driving cars. Counting down to the massive upcoming social, cultural, and economic disruption about to sweep the planet! How Self-driving...

How AV Safety Can Be Defined, Tested, and Measured ( full report in PDF)

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Autonomous Robo-Taxis Are Stupid And Expensive

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Why I Ride with Waymo: Samantha : SelfDrivingCars

What has been your family’s favorite ride so far?"We started out the program driving with a Waymo employee at the wheel, so my...

Do I tip “drivers” of self driving delivery vehicles? : SelfDrivingCars

So we get our groceries delivered via a self driving car companied with a grocery chain in the Scottsdale Arizona area. If...

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