Canadian Police Impound Speeding Aventador SV & Mclaren 675LT


on public roads is any type of vehicle, let alone supercars like the Lamborghini and McLaren 675LT is dangerous. A racetracks is the ideal place to test the speed and limits of adhesion of a vehicle and that’s exactly where two 22-year old guys from Barnaby, BC were headed. However, en route, they couldn’t resist the urge to throttle up. Both were caught speeding in their expensive supercars and as a result their cars were impounded.

According to the Royal Mounted , the two cars were clocked at 86 mph on a stretch of the Lougheed Highway in British Columbia in a 50 mph zone.  stopped both for excessive speed and immediately impounded their vehicles. The cars are expected to be in for at least seven days. The drivers were also handed $368 fines and three points added to their driving records. It isn’t the first time the two drivers have been caught breaking traffic rules. According to the police, both of them have received other excessive speeding infractions in the past.

Lord Aleem Pulled Over in Lamborghini Aventador SV Roadster

Apparently, the drivers were heading to Mission raceway. With cars like and Aventador SV, it would have been a perfect day for them.



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