Brian France NASCAR CEO arrested for DUI, oxycodone in car


Brian France, the of NASCAR and member of the family famed for its involvement in motorsports, was in New York for driving under the influence. According to a Sag Harbor, New York, police report, he was pulled over after he didn’t stop at a stop sign. The police officer determined France was intoxicated and him. TMZ Sports reports France’s blood-alcohol level was twice the legal limit of 0.08.

The police report goes on to reveal that once France was arrested, the officer searched France’s vehicle, and found , a controlled substance, in the . France was taken to jail for the night and released the following morning after an arraignment.

It appears this isn’t the first time Brian France has had a potential DUI run-in. Back in 2006, France was reported to have hit a car and a tree in a Daytona Beach parking lot with a witness saying he was wreckless and struggled to get out of his car. He wasn’t given a , though, according to a Daytona Beach News Journal story at the time, because officers weren’t able to confront France until he had returned to his house and wasn’t driving anymore. Since this latest incident did happen on the road, we suspect France won’t get off without some level of punishment this time.

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