BMW X2 is tuned by AC Schnitzer


BMW’s X2 is a subcompact crossover with a fun-to-drive slant, so it makes sense for AC Schnitzer to make an even more performance-oriented version of it. The X2 is already sportier looking than most of its competition, but turns the dial up a bit more with its add-ons.

To start, lowering springs take it down about an inch and do a great job of removing some of the hatchback-on-stilts feel of the car. It looks even more like a normal hatchback — if you were to replace the plastic cladding with body-colored parts it might not look like much of a crossover at all. There’s a new front apron and splitter, contributing even more to the hunkered down look. AC Schnitzer says the splitter combined with the larger rear spoiler produce real downforce, so it’s not just for looks.

Wheels made by AC Schnitzer come in either 19-inch or 20-inch packages. A couple of different tire sizes are available, too, one with 225 mm width rubber, but the one you’ll want is the 245. That’s a good chunk of rubber for a small car like the . While AC Schnitzer isn’t offering a full catback exhaust system, you do get the choice of chrome or black exhaust tips.

Unfortunately, the U.S. won’t be able to take advantage of AC Schnitzer’s engine tuning for now, because the tuner has only worked to upgrade Europe’s diesel engine. That one goes from 190 horsepower to 222. The interior gets a few extra aluminum bits here and there, but nothing more. AC Schnitzer honors its normal warranty for all of the upgrades offered here as well.

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