Bmw to reveal M8 Gran Coupe


A rumor on bmwblog,tells us that BMW will be unveiling the design study
at the Geneva motor show, the design study will be a preview.
Not the final product.

Transcript: According to a rumor on bmwblog,
will be unveiling the m8 gran coupe design study
At the geneva motor show

The design study will be a preview,
Not the final product, and will
Be light on technical details

The 8 series takes over from
The departing 6 series

Our best guess so far is that
The m8 gran coupe design study
Will house the 4.4-Liter twin-turbo v8
From the new m5

Expected to have an output
Nudged beyond 600 horsepower

Which could possibly propel the m8 from
Zero to 62 miles per hour in about 3 seconds

The m8 gran coupe isn’t predicted to
Hit the market until late 2019

Followed by the m8 convertible.

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