BMW switching Apple CarPlay to a subscription based service. $80/year.


Next up:

– Subscribe to your digital dashboard! If you don’t particularly care how fast you are going, you are all set – no fees. Otherwise, that’s a nominal fee of $4.99 a month which we think is a generous offer considering the price of a speeding ticket.

– Pay per use fuel gauge indicator. Always keep your tank topped off? Great, you’ve got no need for any indicator then. For owners who want a little more peace of mind, we offer the monitor at a $5.99 monthly fee. It is a matter of economics vs. running out of fuel and calling for assistance.

– Rear-door opt in. Don’t typically have passengers in the car? You’ll won’t usually have to pay to use your doors then. For those that need the back seat on regular basis, we have two payment plans – one for both doors, and one for passenger side only for the family of three. Prices start at $12.99/mo.

– Optional blinker package. Blinker lights will be made optional – we have listened to the marketplace and our customers do not use these on a regular basis. All part of the $1000 ZBL package which includes front and rear blinker lights and interior indicators. Possible on-demand forthcoming.

Also coming on a trial basis for pay-as-you-go plans next year – HUD, rear view mirror, manual-shift/paddle-shift user interface, air-bag deployment, and USB/power outlets.

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