BMW slices subscription prices to take on Mercedes


A just became more than $1,000 cheaper as the luxury automaker seeks to better compete with -Benz.

BMW on Wednesday announced price cuts to its subscription trial program as well as a new, entry-level tier.

The Access by BMW program, which launched in Nashville, Tennessee, and Philadelphia, earlier this year now features three tiers including a new $1,099 per month level called Icon. At that level, subscribers can swap between the automaker’s 330i, 330e iPerformance, X3, X2, M240i Convertible, and i3 models throughout the course of a month. The program covers insurance and roadside assistance.

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Icon is priced $4 more than the lowest tier in the Mercedes-Benz program, which includes the automaker’s C300 sedan, coupe, and convertible, GLC300 and GLC300 Coupe crossover SUVs, SLC300 roadster, and Mercedes-AMG CLA45 high-performance sedan.

The second tier, Legend, now costs $1,399 per month—$701 less than it did initially. The Legend tier grants access to the 4-Series coupe and convertible, the 5-Series sedan, the X5 crossover, and the sporty M2 coupe. At the top, the M tier now costs $2,699—a $1,001 price cut from before.

BMW’s program is similar to those offered by Cadillac and Porsche. Those programs unlike one offered by Volvo, which operates like a hybrid between a cellphone plan and a lease. Care by Volvo gives subscribers their own vehicle for two years with the option to trade it in for a different vehicle after one year.

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