BMW 1-Series Drift Car Packs An LS3 V8 With 530HP


With the right know-how, almost all rear-wheel drive cars can become potent machines, and the BMW 1-Series is no exception.

This example is far from stock, as it features the front end of an M3 E92, wide fenders, new hood, different bumpers, a huge rear wing and a colorful wrap.

The best part of its transformation, though, is its engine: instead of a four- or six-cylinder, it now sports an LS3 V8 from General Motors. This powerplant is quite popular when it comes to engine swaps, but we don’t get to see it much outside North America, let alone powering an European .

According to the description of the video, it puts down 530 horsepower – more than enough for going sideways at the merest sniff of a corner. What they don’t say is that it sounds like an absolute beast with that aftermarket exhaust.

The heavily tuned BMW 1-Series appears to be in the possession of Diego Quaranta, known as ‘Il Gommaro’ by his fans, a former King of Europe drift champion who wants to reclaim the crown with his latest ride.

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