Bentley recruits Royal College of Art to imagine future of mobility


Imagination is the birthplace of good design. Shapes, curves, and edges are formulated inside an artist’s mind before spilling onto a sketchbook page and taking shape as an automobile. The of in London aims to nurture this within its students. In a recent project, vehicle design students of the MA Intelligent program brainstormed how the future of Bentley Motors would transpire in physical form. The challenge asked, “What will British luxury mean in 2050?”

In total, 24 designer hopefuls turned in designs to a judging panel of RCA teachers and members of the design team. These same teachers also helped the students throughout the process. Of the 24, only four designs were plucked and highlighted, seen in the concept sketches above.

Eunji Choi’s “Elegant Autonomy,” which looks like a mesh between a luxury yacht and a grand piano, took a high-class approach to what driverless cars might look like. Jack Watson’s “Stratospheric Grand Touring,” the teardrop pod on legs, makes note that without the worry of travel difficulties, home could be literally anywhere. Irene Chiu’s “Luxury Soundscapes,” seen from the overhead and cockpit views, reimagines a car’s cabin as a tranquil safe space.

Kate NamGoong’s “Material Humanity,” which most resembles a current-age car while invoking historic Bentley design, offers a where the way to stand out from the crowd will be to occasionally drive a combustion engine like “the old days.” The rarity of such an engine will form a niche for craft exposed engines, much like is true of high-end watches. We think we like that one best *wink*.

The intent for the Intelligent Mobility program is to lead the proclaimed third age of automotive design. It is meant to work toward a future of interconnected megacities, flying cars, driverless vehicles, and sustainable energy and materials. The biggest problem with the future? It’ll have new innovations and worse problems even the human mind not be able to .

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