Bentley and Italdesign tease Geneva reveals


With five weeks to go until the Geneva Motor Show on March 5, automakers have begun the campaign. But because there are still five weeks to go, the teases are a little stingy. Bentley and Italdesign, two brands owned by the Volkswagen Group – Audi, specifically, owns – break the seal with what look like two sports cars, the segment ’s best known for.

Bentley, surprise, surprise, will celebrate its centenary year at Geneva with something inspired by its Le Mans history. The English carmaker’s teaser video contains a number of historical elements that we don’t know how to line up with the grille of the modern featuring a “9” graphic. The narrator detailing the early Le Mans race mentions 60 entries, but Le Mans never fielded exactly sixty entries during Bentley’s fame-making days. The closest we could get was the 1925 race, the year after Bentley’s first win, which saw 55 cars line up. But in 1925, the No. 9 Bentley had to retire after 13 hours when it caught on fire during a fuel stop.

Instead, Bentley could be referring to the next evolution of its race cars. The brand won Le Mans with the Speed 6, and used the Speed 8 to win the 2003 race.

Italdesign has gone even more cryptic with its teaser. The styling house most recently known for the Lamborghini Huracán-based Zerouno in 2017, and the Zerouno Duerte and Nissan GT-R50 in 2018, is promoting something else with serious wing. We’ll guess it isn’t another Zerouno derivative because of the wing stanchion. Freezing a few of the frames background lines that make whatever’s coming look highly racy.

We’ll get answers in the city by the lake. And most likely, a few more teasers before then.

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