‘Baby Driver’ Subaru WRX movie car is up for auction


We saw one of the “ Subaru Impreza WRX stunt cars sell last year for nearly $70,000. That was a bit nutty, but now there’s another one up for auction, listed on Live Auctioneers.

Just like the first, it’s a red 2006 Limited with a 2004 STI engine and rear-wheel-drive conversion. This means it has the 2.5-liter boxer engine instead of the 2.0-liter four-cylinder. All of the modifications were done by All Pro Subaru with a total of five cars receiving the special treatment. Beyond those mods, there’s an upgraded rear differential, but that’s pretty much it.

If you’ve seen “Baby Driver,” then you know how pivotal a role this played in making the great. The opening chase scene is the most iconic of the whole — we’ve dropped the video of it in this post if you haven’t seen it or just want to watch the awesome driving again. It’s such an admirable scene because all the driving stunts are real. No special effects or CGI went into trying to make it any more than what it actually was.

This particular car has a lot of miles on it: 156,477 to be exact. For most Subarus of the WRX variety, this many miles pretty much guarantees you’ll be paying for repairs in no time. This being a movie car means it’s been driven pretty hard too; just watch the movie and you’ll see what it’s been through. The bid is sitting at $20,000 now, way less than the $69,100 the first one sold for. As a reference, WRX STIs of the same heritage and similar miles are listed anywhere between $10,000-$20,000. You won’t end up buying this car because it’s a great value, but rather, to be able to point out to your friends you have “that car” every time you watch the movie. The rear-wheel-drive conversion is pretty sweet too — that makes it more distinctive than it would be otherwise.

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