Autonomous eye pod watches pedestrians cross the street


Jaguar Land Rover has developed a pedestrian-friendly . Nicknamed ‘ Pod’ the shuttle studies and records a pedestrian’s trust level before and after the pod makes ‘ contact’ to determine how confident the person is that the vehicle will stop.

Transcript: These autonomous pods have been fitted with eyes. The concept vehicle is cleverly nicknamed “Eye Pod.” A study conducted by Jaguar Land Rover claims that 63% of and cyclists feel unsafe sharing the road with self-driving vehicles. The Eye Pod is meant to simulate eye-contact between a virtual driver and a pedestrian. Recreating the experience most people have with human drivers before crossing the . As the pod acknowledges a person it will then slow down to a stop. Pedestrian trust levels are recorded before and after the pod makes eye contact to determine how confident the person seems that the pod will stop for them. These tests are a part of Jaguar’s government supported UK Autodrive Project. How do you feel about self-driving cars in clusters on the road?

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