Automotive artist Shin Yoshikawa drew a cutaway Acura NSX


Shin Yoshikawa is known for his intricate drawings of cars, which show every little detail under the metal skin in a fashion. The hand-drawn, pointillist pencil work re-creates the cars in immense detail, and ’s work has been celebrated for years. Some time ago, Yoshikawa was featured on “Jay Leno’s Garage,” talking about his art and just how much work it is to draw the cars like he does.

Now, Yoshikawa has been asked to draw the , and the result is fantastically good, showing everything that makes a new tick — including its SH-AWD power unit. Yoshikawa says the powertrain made the a real challenge to re-create on paper. “The ’s innovative power unit was extremely challenging to draw, making the second-generation the most difficult vehicle I have sketched,” Yoshikawa said. “Everything comes down to the details. If you don’t understand the technology that goes into building vehicles, you won’t be able to build them, and you certainly can’t draw them.”

It took Yoshikawa months of work and background research to be able to draw the final result. The amazing thing is that the car was “largely” drawn from notes and memory, showing how deeply Yoshikawa gets into his work.

The NSX was also updated for 2019, after two model years. For next year it gets a new exterior color, Thermal Orange, and some structural improvements to make it stiffer and more responsive, says Acura.

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