Automotive Air Conditioning Tips – What You Need to Know


– What You Need to Know. Driving in the summer without air can be brutal, especially if you live in Arizona. One of the best things about buying a new car is the ice cold air . But over time, the performance of a car’s air starts to fade, as the air conditioner loses its efficiency. Although there are many theories on the best way to cool your car down in the summer after your car has been sitting in the heat; here are a few tips to help you get the best performance from your automobiles air conditioner.

Automotive Air Conditioning Tips

Automotive Air Conditioning Tips


Pre-cooling the Air Conditioner – Generally, this is not a good thing to do. Automotive air conditioning is designed so that the air conditioner compressor runs faster as your engine runs faster. It’s inefficient to run the air conditioning compressor while the car is idle. By doing this you are really just wasting more gas than anything else. With gas prices being where they are, this is not a good idea. It is better to roll down the back windows first and drive until the car reaches cruising speed, then turn on the air conditioning and roll up the windows. This will force the hot air out of the car and by doing this you are allowing the compressor to run more efficiently and saving gas.

The recirculation Mode – By recirculating the cabin air, you are simply taking the hot air from the front and forcing it into the back of the car. Although the people in the front of the car may be more comfortable, those in the back will not be; as they will be subject to hot air. If you have passengers in the back seat of the car, this would not be a good option. 

Setting the Proper Temperature – After you have reached cruising speed and you turn the air conditioner on and set the temperature to as cool as possible. If you start with the temperature high you are simply reheating the hot air and wasting more fuel while waiting for the air conditioner to reach top performance. Once the cabin has cooled down you can adjust the temperature to a comfortable setting.

Automotive Air Conditioning Tips

Air Conditioner Manual Start/Stop System – This system is designed to turn the air conditing compressor off when the car is in the idle position, such as stopped at a traffic light. Although this will definitely save gas; it will also make it unbearable for those who must drive in the extreme heat of places like Arizona. If you live in Arizona it would be a good idea to shut down the auto-start/stop system and operate the A/C manually during the summer months.

Cabin Air Filters – Many people are unaware that their car has a cabin air filter. This is different than the air filter for the car’s engine. The cabin air filter is usually not as easy to change as the engine’s air filter; so you may need to have an automotive technician change this filter for you. Regular replacement of the cabin filter will not only help your automotive A/C perform better but also keep the air inside the cabin smelling fresh.

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Automotive Air Conditioning Tips

Automotive Air Conditioning Tips


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