Aston Martin Valkyrie official photos show F1-inspired hypercar


Aston Martin took to Instagram to release a trio of images of its forthcoming Valkyrie bathed in a graduated, nose-to-tail ice blue color scheme befitting its mythological Nordic name and making it look sleek, fast and aggressive.

Built from a partnership with Red Bull Racing, the Formula 1-inspired but road-legal car appears to have been further refined since we last saw comprehensive images of a prototype last year. CEO Andy Palmer last month tweeted a 20-second teaser clip to off the high-revving, F1-like sound of its 6.5-liter V12 engine, which is loosely based on Cosworth’s 2.4-liter V8 but rumored to hover above 1,000 horsepower, plus more from a kinetic energy recovery system working the front axle, making it likely the fastest street-legal production car.

The F1 influence is clear from the shot of the cabin, which is swathed in carbon fiber and where the seats are positioned in a reclined “feet up” position. It also features six-point harnesses for driver and passenger, and a steering wheel that will display all information for the driver. There are also two screens visible — one centered on the console, the other positioned near the door jamb, which is likely a camera-monitor replacement for side mirrors, meaning there’s almost certainly a third screen on the driver’s side that isn’t visible in the photo.

Motor 1 reports that the is in the final stages of simulation, with an actual car set to begin testing late this year or early in 2019, though the final version will likely weigh a bit more than its targeted 2,204 pounds.

All 150 models have been sold out and are scheduled for delivery in 2019. A track-only Valkyrie AMR Pro said to make 1,100 hp and do a top speed of 225 mph is also planned for 2020.

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