Are Your Car Tires Doing Their Job?


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You spend days, sometimes even weeks or months choosing the perfect car. You check its parameters, picking the perfect entertainment system and judging fuel economy. During this process, you are also likely to check out such safety features as airbags and brakes.

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Are Your Car Tires Doing Their Job?

But did you check the condition, quality, and rating of the tires?

One of the biggest factors which affect driving safety is your choice of tires and their condition. Yet most of us are unaware of the importance of this factor…what difference does a bit of rubber make anyway? Well, it might make a huge one.

Road contact

When you think about it, the only thing in contact between you and the hard tarmac are your tires.

The area of contact is far from huge. In fact, each tire on your car has a contact patch that is the size of the palm of your hand. This small amount of contact is all that is keeping you in the middle of the road when you corner at speed.

When you take this into consideration it is immediately obvious that the performance of your tires is paramount to your safety when driving.

The small amount of rubber on the tarmac is also all that is creating the friction that stops your car when braking. Although tires in poor condition will still work, the distance it takes to brake increase significantly.

For example, just a 4mm difference in tire tread depth can increase braking distance by 35%. That can easily be the difference between stopping safely in time and a life-threatening incident.

Consequences of poor condition tires

At best, poor quality tires can mean a few close calls, at worst it can mean life-altering events. Take for example that in 2010, there were 1,210 road casualties that were related to defective, illegal, or under-inflated tires.

car tires

Are Your Car Tires Doing Their Job?


What can I do to improve safety?

So, to keep ourselves, our passengers and other road users safe, what can we do to improve road safety?

First is to simply understand the recommended guidelines for your tires. This is as easy as knowing tread depth as well as the recommended tire pressure for your vehicle given its load.

Just doing this puts you at an advantage to others on the road. Especially when you consider that 37% of cars on the road in the UK are running on dangerously under-inflated.

car tires

Are Your Car Tires Doing Their Job?

For those who live in regions where weather and road conditions vary season by season, it is also important to replace your tires to suit the environment. Apply summer tires in dry seasons where the tarmac is warm and conditions are good, in colder seasons where there is a possibility of ice and water on the road use winter tires to increase your grip and positively impact safety.

Your tires are one of the most important factors when it comes to road safety. By simply being aware of the recommended condition of your tires and ensuring that they meet those recommendations will go a long way to improving your safety on the road.

Purchasing better quality tires may cost a little extra, but when it means stopping distances improve and safety increases the small investment is arguably well spent.

Are Your Car Tires Doing Their Job?

Post by Giles Kirkland.

Giles Kirkland is an experienced car expert and dedicated automotive writer. As a safe driving advocate, he presents information on car statistics, shares practical advice, and increases drivers’ awareness.

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Are Your Car Tires Doing Their Job?


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