Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak said on Tuesday that he has “lost faith” that self-driving cars are going to see widespread use in the near future : SelfDrivingCars


Nearly every time I drive, I encounter at least one thing that would stymie even the best AI.

I get to drive in very intense traffic with an intersection or a traffic light every 300 feet (crowded European city). Programming an AI to work as well as a human driver is unfathomable. There are so many little things, like you see a stopped car and you don’t know where the driver wants to go, so you judge based on which way their front wheels are turned, where the driver is looking, some drivers will wave you through, others just nod looking straight at you, others are fumbling with the radio or something so they probably won’t see the gap, so I can jump in there.

Some turn on a foglight on the respective side when you turn the wheel, I can use that to tell which way the driver wants to go even if they don’t have an indicator turned on.

Age of other drivers plays a role too, same as the brand of the car. For example, a granny in a little VW Polo is unlikely to floor it when a gap opens up.

All of that is part of city driving and I doubt that we’ll see anything even close to it in AI within the next decade or two.

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