Apple CarPlay gains Google Maps capability with update


finally caved earlier this year when it announced that third-party navigation apps would receive permission to be integrated into Apple CarPlay. That meant you’d soon be allowed to use instead of the vastly inferior Apple on your car’s screen. Now, that day has come. If you your iPhone to iOS 12 and the Google Maps app to version 5.0 on said phone, Google Maps will magically appear on your car’s dashboard the next time you plug your phone in. Hallelujah.

We’ve all been waiting since 2014 when came out for Google Maps to be allowed in to Apple’s ecosystem because of its enhanced capabilities. Everything you’re used to in the Google Maps app on your phone will transfer to your car’s screen in a modified UI layout. Soon, Waze will be available for use too once it crawls out of its current CarPlay beta stage.

Being able to use Google Maps was Android Auto’s biggest advantage, but that’s gone now. So go ahead and give it a try if you’re an Apple CarPlay user – you might find your destination a little easier next time.

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