Alpine A110 updated with new trim levels, colors, wheels


We were heartbroken to learn that Alpine wouldn’t be offering any A110s in the United States, left as we are lusting for the blue sports coupe from a afar. Now we can lust for it in multiple and variants. has announced that the will now be available in two , in a (small) selection of colors, and with multiple wheel types.

The two trim levels include Pure, which doesn’t come with any special extras and is equipped similarly to the first run of 1,955 Premiere Edition models, and Légende, which adds some comfort and convenience features. Among the equipment included on Légende models are leather-upholstered six-way adjustable seats and carbon fiber interior trim.

The A110 will also now be available in three colors including the blue hue of the Premiere Edition, a white paint like the concept, and a new graphite gray metallic. The white and gray colors are displayed above, and the gray car also exhibits some ultra-cool retro-style that are new to the model. Those are spun by the same 249-horsepower turbocharged four-cylinder and 7-speed dual-clutch transmission as the Premiere Edition. Pricing will be announced later this week, but for us in America, it doesn’t matter because we still can’t have it.

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